Blogging Is Back Maybe

Sometimes we spend so much time wishing that things could go back to the way they were that we overlook the opportunity to shape the present.

I am guilty of this as of late, in life (as so many of us have been the last 2 ½ years) and on this blog.

For the majority of the pandemic, I’ve struggled to find my voice, to find a place in all of this outside of day-to-day survival at home and at work. Rightfully so, of course. But that didn’t stop me from struggling with it.

There have been starts and stops, restarts, resets, restarts again, and then long periods of time where nothing at all happened on this blog. But I know without a doubt that I am at my best when I am writing consistently and that if I am to be mindful of how I shape my life moving forward, into the next phase of whatever comes next, writing needs to be part of the process.

So today starts a new journey of writing one post, then hopefully another, and another without worrying about the topics, angles, schedules, and audiences that governed things before 2020. Those days are gone and with it the approach I took to work, life, and this blog.

It’s time to shape the present, one day and one post at a time.