New (to me) Music: Diamond Studded Shoes, by Yola

Lately I’ve found myself enjoying Diamond Studded Shoes by Yola, which came out in April 2021. It’s a fun little journey but it carries a strong and somewhat depressing message that things (gestures vaguely at everything) “ain’t gonna turn out alright”.

Here’s what Pitchfork has to say about the song:

“Diamond Studded Shoes,” which blossoms from a barroom rave-up into a fiery dance-at-the-revolution anthem, gains steam each time Yola reaches its chorus, which rhymes “gonna turn out right” with “we gots to fight.” Read the rest here.

Best lyrics:

Watching and waiting for answers
Hoping we might see the light
You beat it into us like a hammer
So don’t you tell me it’ll be alright
When we know it isn’t
We know it isn’t

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