New (to me) Music: The Only Heartbreaker, by Mitski

This song gets stuck in my head and has quickly earned its place amongst my most played music over the last few weeks. It’s not that the lyrics mean anything in particular to me, it’s more that the song is beautifully constructed. The song fills your ears with consistency and a build-up of tension from beginning to end. It’s worth playing loud and earns every repeat listen it gets.

Here’s what NPR has to say about the song:
“Simple in its attempt to process the dreadful stomach-pit feeling of being the only passionate one in a relationship — even if it means knowingly invoking pain — “The Only Heartbreaker” succeeds in its sing (or scream at the top of your lungs)-along potential and aching honesty.” Read the rest here.

Best lyrics:
So I’ll be the loser in this game
I’ll be the bad guy in the play
I’ll be the water main that’s burst and flooding
You’ll be by the window, only watching

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