A New Start to an Old Trail

A different starting point makes even a tried-and-true path feel new.

This weekend I visited Guadalupe River State Park, a place I have hiked, photographed, and explored hundreds of times. But on this particular trip, I noticed a road that I’ve driven past on each and every visit.

The road led to a parking area and trailhead I didn’t know existed. So I set out to see where the “new” trail took me.

The new trail was short, and within fifteen minutes of hiking, it connected to a longer trail that I’ve seen dozens of times. But what was interesting was how approaching the old path from the new path provided a completely different perspective.

I didn’t feel the way I normally feel when I reach that part of the park. I noticed trees and scenes I have probably walked right past on other trips. I enjoyed it more. I was more present.

Everything about this trip was the same except the first fifteen minutes, but it made the entire trip feel like a new experience. And that’s perhaps a lesson to take moving forward.

A slightly different start can bring a fresh approach to the old and familiar.

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