5 Reads: How Feedback Fuels Performance, Burnout, Career Planning and More

Here are five articles that had me thinking over the last few weeks:

As always, please follow reputable news sources to stay informed and do your best to stay healthy (physically and mentally).

How Fast Feedback Fuels Performance
Denise McClain and Iseult Morgan. Gallup Workplace

Key quote: “Employees are hungry for feedback from their leaders, managers and peers. They want to gain insights that advance their abilities and future potential. And more than ever, feedback is pivotal for engaging employees: Gallup data show that when employees strongly agree they received “meaningful feedback” in the past week, they are almost four times more likely than other employees to be engaged.” Read the rest here.

COVID Won’t End Up Like the Flu. It Will Be Like Smoking
Benjamin Mazer. The Atlantic

Key quote: “The pandemic’s greatest source of danger has transformed from a pathogen into a behavior. Choosing not to get vaccinated against COVID is, right now, a modifiable health risk on par with smoking, which kills more than 400,000 people each year in the United States. Andrew Noymer, a public-health professor at UC Irvine, told me that if COVID continues to account for a few hundred thousand American deaths every year—“a realistic worst-case scenario,” he calls it—that would wipe out all of the life-expectancy gains we’ve accrued from the past two decades’ worth of smoking-prevention efforts.” Read the rest here.

Your Body Knows You’re Burned Out
Melinda Wenner Moyer. The New York Times

Key quote: “Our bodies were “not designed for the kinds of stressors that we face today,” said Christina Maslach, a social psychologist at the University of California, Berkeley, who has spent her career studying burnout. Here’s how to recognize burnout in your body and what to do about it.” Read the rest here.

It’s OK to not be passionate about your job
Ruth Tam and Sylvie Douglis. NPR – Life Kit

Key quote: “There’s nothing wrong with finding fulfillment at work. But passion goes further than that. It’s loaded with the expectation that you’ll do whatever it takes for your career, which Cech says can lead to exploitation and inequality in the workplace. We talked to Cech about why passion is valued so highly in the workforce and how pursuing it is more complicated than simply “loving what you do.” Read the rest here.

25 Tips for Purposeful Career Planning
First Round Review

Key quote: “What follows is a list of can’t-miss frameworks, tips and tactical ideas from folks all over the org chart, with experience at fast-growing startups, as well as the more established tech giants. Their advice includes tips for approaching performance reviews with purpose, teaming up with your manager, and looking to cross-functional partners for the greatest needs of the business.” Read the rest here.