New (to me) Music: I Don’t Live Here Anymore, by The War on Drugs

“We’re all just walkin’ through this darkness on our own”

I Don’t Live Here Anymore, by The War On Drugs

Here’s what The Guardian has to say about the album:

I Don’t Live Here Anymore once again feels gloriously expansive, a series of meticulously crafted soundtracks for cruising down never-ending highways, as if the everyman euphoria of Springsteen were underpinned by the motorik propulsion of Neu!” Read the rest here.

I don’t think I could write a sentence like that if I had to. As for me, I know what I like, and I know that for whatever reason, this song and album just works for me!

Best Lyrics:

“I was lying in my bed
A creature void of form
Been so afraid of everything
I need a chance to be reborn
I never wanted anything
That someone had to give
I don’t live here anymore
I went along the wind”