The Power of Pan Dulce

My brother and his husband visited last week.

It was a delayed holiday visit (thanks Omicron), and although the weather was gloomy, cold, and damp, we made the best of it through the power of pan dulce from Panifico Bake Shop

It took three days to get through all the pan dulce we purchased!

The weather left a bit to be desired (I mean, who leaves New York winter weather and wants to visit the same weather in Texas?), but we still managed to get out and about, and spend lots of quality time catching up, wandering the city, and visiting parks.

We powered our way through it all with empanadas, conchas, marranitos, compechanas, piedras and more. As one does, and as one should do.

It was great to be out of the house for extended stays after another long season of staying home (thanks again Omicron). Post-visit I hope, I think, I WANT, things to keep getting better so that ventures like these aren’t such a rarity.

But next time, maybe I’ll buy a little less pan dulce!