Be A Doer

Do you spend more time talking about what you believe in or doing something about it?

It’s easier than ever to share what’s on our minds and to talk about the things that matter to us in a way that reaches audiences that were unfathomable a decade ago. But each of the beliefs that we voice must be outweighed by action.

It’s not enough to talk about doing good work; we must also DO good work.

It’s not enough to DO good work; we must do SO MUCH good work that we earn the right to talk about it.

The challenge leaders and influencers face, if not now, surely eventually, is whether people know in their hearts that their words are far exceeded by their actions, or whether people have an undeniable gut feeling that they are “all talk.”

Society may reward talk in the short term, but in the long term, it’s the doers who set the course for their communities, professions, and organizations. Being a doer may not make headlines, but it makes a difference.

And that’s the source of leadership and influence worth following.