50 Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2023

Anticipating an experience can be as much fun as the experience itself. As we embark on a new year, here are fifty things (big and small) I’m looking forward to:

More precedented times (and fewer unprecedented times)

Things *in general*hopefully* continuing to get better

Reconnecting with family and friends (I have become absolutely awful about this)

Adventures with Wally the dog!

Wally the dog letting me get back to some sort of a regular sleep schedule

Restarting and sticking with a planner or planning practice (for the big picture things)

Getting a whole lot more fruits and vegetables in my life

Yoga. I need more yoga in my life!

Printing, framing and hanging some of my photos (I’ve NEVER done this)

Facilitating ever bigger, better innovation workshops at work!

Not letting my physical fitness fall apart in the hottest summer months.

New music, old music, ANY music. LOTS of music playing all day! 

Buying a decent French press for coffee. (Hey, it’s the little things)

Maybe, perhaps, hopefully, going to a UTSA game or tailgate

Buying a new couch (as much as I want to deny it, its time)

My 4-year anniversary at H-E-B

Being more thoughtful about how I use my vacation days

Tinkering with playing the piano again after DECADES of not doing so

Continuing to learn from and grow with my amazing co-workers!

Hiking to the top of Guadalupe Peak

Writing more! (SERIOUSLY!)

Visiting the San Antonio Botanical Garden for the first time

Going ziplining again

Expanding my pan dulce horizons

Sticking with a gratitude practice

Speaking to the Student Leadership Lab at the Alamo Colleges District

Mentoring a student or emerging professional

Traveling somewhere in August where it’s at least 10 degrees cooler than it is here in Texas

Restarting my “Thankful Thursday” shout-outs at work

Facilitating Dare to Lead IN PERSON for the first time!

Taking a photography course!

A certification of some sort (PMP? Advanced Design Thinking? Strengths Coach?)

Continuing our little family zoom catch-up sessions!

More opportunities to suffer outside

More hygge in my life inside

Reading more books than I did in 2022!

Another REI adventure trip

Volunteering at the SA Food Bank (along with a few other places)

Getting rid of the books I used in college (don’t judge my life!)

A visit to Big Bend for the first time

Watching the Spurs draft Wembanyama

Shopping local more often (got a recommendation? Let me know!)

Getting involved in the UTSA alumni community

Channeling my inner Marie Kondo and clearing out all the junk I’ve accumulated 2020 – present

A visit to The Friendly Spot with lots of friends

Attending the virtual ATD national conference in June

A whole lot more trail running

Building things with my hands (art, woodwork, pottery, something!)

Less screen time (one can dream, right?)

Running the 3M half marathon (which is THIS Sunday!)