5 Reads: Stay Conversations, Culture of Busyness, a Good Life and More

Here are five articles that had me thinking over the last few weeks…

The 3 Stay Conversations: The Best Way to Improve Employee Retention
Claire Lew. Know Your Team

“Improve employee retention by having these three one-on-one meetings with your staff once a month.”

5-minute breathing exercises can improve your mood and reduce anxiety
Richard Sima. The Washington Post

“Cyclic sighing appears to be particularly effective among different breathing exercises and better than mindfulness meditation, a study says.”

Beware a Culture of Busyness
Adam Waytz. Harvard Business Review

“Organizations must stop conflating activity with achievement.”

Psychologists say a good life doesn’t have to be happy, or even meaningful
Sarah Todd. Quartz

How Smart People Can Stop Being Miserable
Arthur Brooks. The Atlantic

“Intelligence can make you happier, but only if you see it as more than a tool to get ahead.”