Don’t Take This For Granted

Do not take your status for granted or become dependent on it.

Every day you can build on your experience by learning new skills, gaining new insights from others, and putting them into practice. Choose to make this part of your daily and weekly ritual.

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. Much less, none of us are guaranteed that our role at work is safe from layoff, restructuring, or diminishment through the advances of technology. Even at the end of our careers, we must face one of life’s most significant professional and personal challenges, retirement.

No career is forever. Plan and work like it.

It’s not pessimistic to think of what might happen should our roles be changed. It’s not even realistic to think that by staying at the forefront of our professions, we can avoid change should it come for us. By choosing to grow, even when at the peak of our careers, we remain on a solid footing that can help us endure difficult times by embracing change and staying true to our principles.

But by not taking ourselves and our roles at work for granted, we can avoid losing ourselves when and if change comes for us.

Change may be inevitable, but being unprepared for it isn’t.