Confidence Requires Intent

Confidence is intentional.

You know the feeling when you’re in your element. When the work is easy but not boring. When time flies, and you find yourself putting off other things because you’re in the zone.

This is when you are at your most confident, and it’s essential to understand when and how it happens.

Why? So you can be intentional about bringing more of it into other aspects of your work and life.

There’s no secret formula for doing so. You need to do more of the types of work that bring you to this flow state more often.

Example: If you love working a spreadsheet, then create or find the opportunity to do so more often than you are doing now. That confidence and experience will serve you well in other aspects of your work. You’ll not only continue to prove you’re expertise in that area, but you’ll also be able to build on that momentum in other areas (you know, the not-so-fun ones).

With regular commitment and practice, a strength can overpower or mitigate weaknesses, and all the while, you’ll be enjoying the work.

What has to come first, however, is a commitment to it.

Don’t let your workday manage you.

Be intentional about building your confidence.