Are You Getting Better?

The more experienced you get, the easier it is to settle for what you already know. And why not? It has served you well.

Whether it be your profession or how you live your life, you are the result of a million decisions that have brought you to this point. For many, there is perhaps no reason to upend what is already working.

But to continue to enjoy this state, you must grow.

The world won’t slow down because you’ve had enough.

And even if you have no desire to grow in your career or to master a particular skill, the opportunity to live more fully in your personal life should give you plenty of reason to expand your mind.

What would life look like if you could communicate better with the people you care for? What would your financial situation be if you knew more about managing your money? How would your health improve if you were better informed about nutrition and fitness?

These (and others like them) are questions you must consider at every stage of work and life; the pursuit of a life well-lived demands that you do so. Ultimately, however, taking the first step depends on the answer to a much simpler question.

Are you getting better?