Small Steps Lead to Big Goals

Think about a big goal or dream that you have. What’s one small action you can take today to move closer to achieving it?

We tend to think big things happen with big efforts that result in big steps toward big accomplishments. But that tends not to be true. More often, big things happen when we muster up the courage to take the first, often small, step. Then next and the next.

Strength is found in getting started, not necessarily in waiting for the perfect moment.

So where can you take that first step?

“A year from now, you will wish you had started today.” — Karen Lamb

Even if you’re unsure about the broader goal, there’s almost nothing to lose in taking a small action. You might find that that first step is painless, opens the door to new possibilities, and makes each forthcoming action easier and easier.

Big goals and dreams happen by committing to small actions. And if you string enough of those together, you will find yourself making real, significant progress.

So where can you start? What can you do today?

Do it.