Book: The Devil Never Sleeps: Managing Disasters in an Age of Catastrophes

“The devil never sleeps. But he only wins if we don’t do better next time.” – Juliette Kayyem

Today, I finished the book The Devil Never Sleeps: Managing Disasters in an Age of Catastrophes, and it was…. dare I say it…comforting???

We live in a rolling boil of catastrophe (gestures vaguely at everything), and there is a case to be made for accepting that as fact so we can be as prepared as possible. This is NOT a book about digging bunkers or prepper extremism; it’s about the mindsets that help us manage disasters WHEN they are visited upon us.

There is comfort in thinking these things through, even if only for the mental exercise that empowers us to respond, not react, when bad things happen. Because they WILL happen, and just as certain, we can choose to make things a little less awful for ourselves and others when they do.

Publisher’s Summary:

An urgent, transformative guide to dealing with disasters from one of today’s foremost thinkers in crisis management.

The future may still be unpredictable, but nowadays, disasters are not. We live in a time of constant, consistent catastrophe, where things more often go wrong than they go right. So why do we still fumble when disaster hits? Why are we always one step behind?

In The Devil Never Sleeps, Juliette Kayyem lays the groundwork for a new approach to dealing with disasters. Presenting the basic themes of crisis management, Kayyem amends the principles we rely on far too easily. Instead, she offers us a new framework to anticipate the “devil’s” inevitable return, highlighting the leadership deficiencies we need to overcome and the forward thinking we need to harness. It’s no longer about preventing a disaster from occurring, but learning how to use the tools at our disposal to minimize the consequences when it does.

Filled with personal anecdotes and real-life examples from natural disasters like the California wildfires to man-made ones like the Boeing 737 MAX crisis, The Devil Never Sleeps is a guide for governments, businesses, and individuals alike on how to alter our thinking so that we can develop effective strategies in the face of perpetual catastrophe. 

Source: goodreads