The Blog:

This is my semi-personal, semi-professional blog. I write about work, life, current events, and whatever comes to mind.

I started writing here in March 2013. What began as a place to share HR-related tips and tricks evolved into a place to practice writing on a variety of topics, and evolved again into a place where I enjoy writing about work life as much as I enjoy sharing my personal life, music, videos, and articles.

What has remained true from the beginning, however, is that this blog is a place to test ideas and approaches to work and life.  The work that goes on behind the scenes for every post matters just as much as the post itself.

This is where I come to learn as much as I write.

About Carlos:

I am a Human Resources (HR) and organizational development leader, change manager, project manager, analyst and writer. I work with people and organizations that want to improve productivity and outcomes by focusing on service, innovation, and execution.

I live and work in the San Antonio area, am an avid runner, aspiring yogi, proud alumni of the University of Texas at San Antonio, and lifelong Spurs fan.

Learn more about my career, background, and experience here.


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