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How to Find Your Tribe at #SHRM17

Here is advice for “Finding Your Tribe” from some of the amazing people I am lucky enough to call friends and members of MY TRIBE.

5 Reads: How to #SHRM17 Edition

Do you know how to #SHRM17? Here are five reads to help you get ready!

Workology: 5 Ways to Tackle #SHRM17 With Project Management

In this post, I work through five phases of planning, preparation, and execution that will benefit conference goers of all levels of experience.

All That Could Be, and “ALL IN” at #SHRM17

Learning what is possible and somehow wrapping your mind around it is an exercise everyone should take on.

Hope, Fear, and HR Initiatives

HR, at its best, works tirelessly to unleash the talent of the people in its organization.

Workology: How Project Management Can Help Engage Employees

Project management is about making the most of what we have, and that includes helping people bring their best efforts to the table.

The Month That Was: March 2017

Here are the pics and articles that tangentially tell the tale of March 2017!

No Filter Friday

It’s No Filter Friday. Don’t you want to know what’s on people’s minds???

Employee Engagement: Action Not Words

Organizations have to match talk with action to get results.

Think Individuals NOT Generations

When people feel that they have to assert their value as an individual, they are telling you that they are more than a set of assumptions. They are telling you that they don’t feel heard or understood.