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5 Reads: The Problem With Being a Top Performer, How to Say No to Things You Want to Do, and More.

Top performers, working from home, the employee experience, and more.

5 Reads: Mean Bosses, Pep Talks, Brainstorming and More

Here are five reads that stuck with me over the last month or so.

Workology: Inspiration to Action: 3 Steps to Implementing Your #SHRM17 Ideas

The SHRM Annual Conference (#SHRM17) ended last week, but the hard work of translating your inspiration and ideas into action is just beginning.

Hope, Fear, and HR Initiatives

HR, at its best, works tirelessly to unleash the talent of the people in its organization.

Tools You Can Use: Waze

Rest assured, if you’re stuck in a particularly bad traffic situation and you’re using Waze, it’s because there probably isn’t a better way around it.

Metrics That Matter: Pancakes and 5Ks

Metrics that matter only come about when you spend time focusing on the things that make a difference.

No Filter Friday

It’s No Filter Friday. Don’t you want to know what’s on people’s minds???

Employee Engagement: Action Not Words

Organizations have to match talk with action to get results.

Tools You Can Use: Habits, AudioBooks, Checklists

Habit List, Audible and WunderList are worthy of your own nerdy exploration.

5 Reads: Delegating, Celebrating, Predicting and More

It’s the Friday before Christmas!

If you’re working, I’m sorry. Here are five reads that got clicked on most often on my little blog in 2016 to help you power through the day and into the weekend.