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Music: Because I’m Me, by The Avalanches

Here’s a fun little tune from The Avalanches, who seem to have made a career out of fun tunes.


Music: Wow, by Beck

The track “Wow” isn’t about New York City, but it sums up the entirety of my experience there. WOW.

Music: I Ain’t The One, by Spoon

“I Ain’t The One” brings to bear the full-fledged sound that Spoon is known for, but it is slower and undeniably darker.

Music: Holding On, by The War on Drugs

This music feels special, familiar even. It brings back memories, even though it’s new. 

Music: Guilty Party, by The National

The National consistently creates music that is dark, contemplative, and worthy of a rainy day. That’s not to say it’s “feel terrible about yourself music”.

Music: Call it Dreaming, by Iron & Wine

There is a lot to be appreciated in a quiet, thought provoking song like “Call it Dreaming” by Iron & Wine.

Music: Fool’s Errand, by Fleet Foxes

There is familiarity here, accompanied by newness and depth worth discovering slowly and methodically.

Music: Human, by Rag’n’Bone Man

All sorts of rootsy goodness.

Music: 8 (Circle), by Bon Iver

It’s one of those things you kind of get, but can’t be too sure if you’re right about what exactly you get.

Either way, I think it’s a good listen.

Music: I Give You Power, by Arcade Fire

“It’s never been more important that we stick together & take care of each other” – Arcade Fire