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Pics of the Month: November 2017

Fall foliage, NYC, NYC Marathon, Thanksgiving and more.


Last Week in NYC

Last week my sister and I ventured up to New York City again to see our brother and friends. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip.

Music: Wow, by Beck

The track “Wow” isn’t about New York City, but it sums up the entirety of my experience there. WOW.

Pics of the Month: October 2017

Here are the pics that tangentially tell the tale of October 2017!

Pics of the Month: September 2017

Here are the three pictures that somewhat tell the tale of my September.

Resist Hate: Be a Helper

You, me, and the people we know can all be part of the solution if we choose to do so. 

Pics of the Month: August 2017

Normal five day work weeks arrived, along with cooler weather (albeit, the latter arrived with a terrible hurricane) in August. 

Pics of the Month: July 2017

Here are the pics that tangentially tell the tale of an incredibly lazy, do nothing (but I enjoyed it anyway), month of July.

Pics of the Month: June 2017

The big story of June was without a doubt, the SHRM Annual Conference.

As such, the pictures that tangentially tell the tale of the month of June are all about New Orleans, the conference, and a quick trip to Baton Rouge.

What Are You Doing For Your Next Vacation?

What we choose to look forward to, and what we choose to experience offers a glimpse into people’s lives that we don’t normally make an effort to understand.