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Pics of the Month: May 2017

Here are the pictures that tangentially tell the tale of May 2017: Walking Season I’m sharing this mainly to declare the end of walking season in San Antonio. For the next 4- 6 months it will be too hot to walk after 9 am and for more than 7 minutes at any given time. This […]

I’ll Write I’ll Write I’ll Write

Writing about how writing is how I’ll get back on track is the first step in actually doing so.

Pics of the Month: April 2017

Here are the pictures that tangentially tell the tale of April 2017.

The Month That Was: March 2017

Here are the pics and articles that tangentially tell the tale of March 2017!

Work Done, and Work to Be Done

I’m at the point in Spring Break where I’m doing everything I can to stretch this thing out.

In just one and a half days I’ll be back in the office and back to my regular routine.

It’s been a good week off.

Overcoming Inertia

Inertia is one hell of a thing to overcome. And I know, perhaps now more than ever, that it must be done.

The Month That Was: February 2017

Here are the pics, posts and tweets that made the month of February!

Metrics That Matter: Pancakes and 5Ks

Metrics that matter only come about when you spend time focusing on the things that make a difference.

The Month That Was: January 2017

There was a LOT going on last month, so let’s get right to it. Here are the posts and pics that made the month of January 2017!

3M Half Marathon: On a Whim, With the Wind

I had a GREAT time, perhaps more fun than I’ve had in any previous race. My mind was free of performance expectations. The only plan was to take it easy, and I stuck with it.