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5 Reads: Develop Your Passion, Respect in the Workplace, Asking for Help, and More

Five reads that have me thinking.


5 Reads: Introverts as Disruptors, the Disease of Being Busy, Small Inner Circles and More

Introverts as Disruptors, Change Management, the Disease of Busyness, Bad Leadership and Small Inner Circles!

5 Reads: Mean Bosses, Pep Talks, Brainstorming and More

Here are five reads that stuck with me over the last month or so.

5 Reads: Flabby Attention Spans, the Talent Curse, Fear of Fear and More.

Here are 5 articles that have me thinking…

5 Reads: Coworker’s Skin, Strengths, Meditation and More

This week’s reads are as diverse as the microbiomes we inhabit at work. Below are 5 reads I think are worth sharing, and worth your time on a variety of subjects. So start your workweek off with the knowledge that you are breathing in your coworker’s skin, then go to YouTube to try to meditate […]

5 Reads: Empowering Introverts, Phones, Zen and More

Welcome to a brand new work week! Well, technically, I’m not working this week, which means I am doing a lot more reading than normal and have plenty of cool articles to share. Here are 5 that I found interesting: Two-Thirds of Managers Are Uncomfortable Communicating With Employees By Lou Solomon.¬†Harvard Business Review¬† Key quote: […]