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SHRM Annual Conference: On My Way!

Happy #SHRM17!

I’m on my way to New Orleans for the SHRM Annual Conference!

How to Find Your Tribe at #SHRM17

Here is advice for “Finding Your Tribe” from some of the amazing people I am lucky enough to call friends and members of MY TRIBE.

5 Reads: How to #SHRM17 Edition

Do you know how to #SHRM17? Here are five reads to help you get ready!

Workology: 5 Ways to Tackle #SHRM17 With Project Management

In this post, I work through five phases of planning, preparation, and execution that will benefit conference goers of all levels of experience.

All That Could Be, and “ALL IN” at #SHRM17

Learning what is possible and somehow wrapping your mind around it is an exercise everyone should take on.

Video: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Amy Cuddy was a keynote at the 2016 SHRM Annual Conference last week, and while every keynote was great, hers was the one that I looked forward to and enjoyed the most.

My Breakthrough Moments at #SHRM16

They are the moments that can’t be taken away, the ones where the laughs outnumbered solutions, the ones where PEOPLE made the biggest impact.

SHRM Annual Conference: On My Way!

Happy SHRM16! Yeah I know, the conference doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, but that’s a mere detail that I won’t let get in the way of posting as I embark on my travels to Washington DC. As always, there is a lot to look forward to at the SHRM Annual Conference, and I’m looking forward […]

5 HR Reads: “How To #SHRM16” Edition

Start your week with these great reads from the world of HR, specifically tips, tricks, and insight into the SHRM Annual Conference (#SHRM16).

15 Things I’m Looking Forward to at #SHRM16

The 2016 SHRM Annual Conference (#SHRM16) is less than 30 days away!

Here are 15 things, in no particular order, that I am looking forward to at the conference.