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Post #WorkHuman: Do Whatever It Takes!

Start NOW, start small, with whatever we have from wherever we are. WHATEVER it takes. 


Bullying, Violence & Harassment: A Conversation with #SHRM18 Speaker Catherine Mattice

“I believe that it’s an employer’s moral and ethical responsibility to create an environment where people thrive.” – Catherine Mattice

Back To My Roots: College Relations and Texas SHRM

Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why the work of advancing the HR profession through the success of its students is so important.

5 Reads: Mean Bosses, Pep Talks, Brainstorming and More

Here are five reads that stuck with me over the last month or so.

How to Find Your Tribe at #SHRM17

Here is advice for “Finding Your Tribe” from some of the amazing people I am lucky enough to call friends and members of MY TRIBE.

Workology: 5 Ways to Tackle #SHRM17 With Project Management

In this post, I work through five phases of planning, preparation, and execution that will benefit conference goers of all levels of experience.

5 Reads: Flabby Attention Spans, the Talent Curse, Fear of Fear and More.

Here are 5 articles that have me thinking…

Your Plan? Be Ready

Sometimes people aren’t ready to start planning until they can’t continue doing things the way they have always been done.

Everyone Needs a Coach

A good coach knows your strengths. A good coach knows your weaknesses. They know when focusing on one and not the other will make all the difference.

Employee Engagement: Action Not Words

Organizations have to match talk with action to get results.

Think Individuals NOT Generations

When people feel that they have to assert their value as an individual, they are telling you that they are more than a set of assumptions. They are telling you that they don’t feel heard or understood.

Technically Successful Projects Are The Worst

Success at this level enables leaders to tout achievements at an organizational level, while employees feel burned out and maybe even taken advantage of in the process.

Busy Isn’t Better: STOP Multitasking

My advice is simple: Stop and THINK about what you are doing.

5 Reads: Absurd Confidence, Mindfulness at Work, Non-violence, and More

Here are four articles (and one video) that I found especially interesting and worth sharing this week.

Meetings That Don’t Start AND End On Time Are Morale Killers

If you want to bring about moans and groans about your meetings, consistently start them late and consistently end them late.