Lead the Change

The dual tragedies of the covid-19 pandemic and persistent racial injustice in the United States has put non-profit leaders under an unprecedented amount of pressure. To meet the demands of the moment, non-profits must manage change internally so they can LEAD CHANGE for the communities they serve.

FREE Change Management Coaching: June 10 – Sep 8

I believe we are all called to serve, especially when times are tough. I am offering FREE change management coaching over the next 90 days to non-profit leaders who serve those impacted by the covid-19 pandemic and those who combat racial injustice in the United States.

I bring to the table over 16 years experience in the fields of human resources, organizational development, and talent development, in addition to certifications in human centered design, and advanced certifications in change management.

There is no catch. This really is FREE.

Together we will talk through options, ideas, and chart a course for progress for you and your organization. Ready to get started?

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What happens next?

I will review your submission and be in touch via email within a few days for more information. I will work to gain clarity about the challenge(s) you and your organization are facing and we will work towards solutions. It might take just a few emails, or it might take many emails and a few Zoom sessions. We’ll figure it out.

Thanks for considering this opportunity, and for all the important work you are doing for your community.

Carlos Escobar