(let’s do this again in 2019)

Here are a few of the insights we’ve gathered along the way!

Here are a few of the amazing people I met along the way, and what they are looking forward to at #SHRM18.

I’m back in one of my favorite cities for one of my favorite reasons, the 2018 SHRM Annual Conference in Chicago!

Do not settle into your comfort zone. Do not chart a course for the familiar. Push yourself to BE something greater.

“Many organizations don’t stop bullying – they think “the bully” is too valuable. But, think about what happens to the culture.” – Catherine Mattice

5 reads that have me thinking.

Here are my recommendations for having an epic #SHRM18 experience!

People who FEEL GOOD at work, DO good work. Without a doubt, we are a better team now than we were at the start of last week. 

Sometimes, the work becomes easier once you get out that door and step into the things that make you uncomfortable.

I’m the product of people who cared enough to lend a helping hand, and I’m a product of people who continue to do so in a thousand small ways every single day

Five reads that have me thinking!

All of our HR strategies, plans, models and ideals don’t stand a chance in an environment of incivility.

Appreciating the little things is often the gateway to appreciating the BIG things.

Start NOW, start small, with whatever we have from wherever we are. WHATEVER it takes.