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“I Ain’t The One” brings to bear the full-fledged sound that Spoon is known for, but it is slower and undeniably darker.

Here are the three pictures that somewhat tell the tale of my September.

You, me, and the people we know can all be part of the solution if we choose to do so. 

At the end of the day, we count on people. Not processes, not procedures, not strategies. PEOPLE.

Here are five articles that have me thinking..

This music feels special, familiar even. It brings back memories, even though it’s new. 

Normal five day work weeks arrived, along with cooler weather (albeit, the latter arrived with a terrible hurricane) in August. 

I hope you choose to contribute in whatever way is right for you. If you do, here’s how to help.

It’s crucial that human resources lead the way in creating an environment where people can thrive