Be A Doer

It’s not enough to DO good work; we must do SO MUCH good work that we earn the right to talk about it. … More Be A Doer

The Unjust Steward

My brother’s book arrived in the mail today! The amount of work and perseverance that went into seeing this from start to finish, from the depths of the pandemic to publication was incredible. I can’t wait to dig into this. Congratulations Miguel!!! … More The Unjust Steward

Step Up to Lead

Thought leaders don’t prioritize their comfort over their principles. They share their beliefs widely and consistently. They speak up on the issues of the day. They may agree, disagree, or hold a nuanced opinion on an issue, but they use their voice. To choose silence, especially in times of crisis, is to choose to hurt the very people they aspire to lead. … More Step Up to Lead

Unidos por Uvalde

I was in Uvalde today for work, and will be back tomorrow. At the end of our shift we stopped by the memorial at Robb Elementary to pay our respects and to grieve with the community. It was profoundly sad and I’ll never forget it. I hope that we find a way to do better for each other. I believe we want to. And I believe we have to. … More Unidos por Uvalde