50 Years

Today is my parents 50th anniversary! They celebrated by going to work this morning and tonight we’re having Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner. It’s going to get crazy around here! All kidding aside, among the many things I’m thankful for this holiday weekend, family is at the top of the list. … More 50 Years

Our Source of Influence

True and lasting influence comes from working on ourselves, not wielding our knowledge and experience to create standards for others to uphold. The older I get, the harder it is for me to resist using the word “should.” We “should” be doing it this way; we “should” have started working on this sooner, and we … More Our Source of Influence

The Joy of Missing Out

From time to time, a reexamination of what matters most to us and a true commitment to clearing out the mental and physical clutter that accumulates in our lives is necessary. On my recent trip to the Smoky Mountains, a fellow traveler mentioned that it is not uncommon for people to willingly disappear in national … More The Joy of Missing Out

Be A Doer

It’s not enough to DO good work; we must do SO MUCH good work that we earn the right to talk about it. … More Be A Doer