Masters of Business Administration
The University of Texas at San Antonio (2009)

Key Coursework:

Strategic Human Resources Management:
Examined role/functions of human resource management in an organization’s strategic planning process. Emphasized HR issues of importance to an organization’s top management, and issues of HR management policy, practice, and trends.

Management and Behavior In Organizations:
Examined processes/techniques used to get work done in organizations. Studied individual differences, motivation, leadership, group behavior, interpersonal communication, decision making and change.

Decision Analysis and Production Management:
Applications of quantitative approaches to business decision analysis. Emphasized production management applications (such as resource allocation, scheduling, inventory control, capital budgeting).

Marketing Management:
Analyzed marketing management processes within organizations. Emphasized use of strategic planning and market analysis to design marketing programs in competitive environments.

Source: UTSA Graduate Course Catalog 2006

Bachelor of Arts: Communication
The University of Texas at San Antonio (2003)

Key Coursework:

Communication Innovation and Design:
Studied application and design of communications systems for professional organizations. Focused on formal and informal communication involved in effective implementation and use of technology, procedures for needs assessment, budgetary analysis, design, implementation, evaluation, and modification of communication technology.

Specialized Professional Writing:
Focused on writing for specialized purposes such as news releases, feature articles, reports, newsletters, speeches, scriptwriting, advertising, and professional correspondence.

Technical Writing:
Examined techniques of expository writing, particularly adapted to technological and scientific subjects.

Source: UTSA Undergraduate Course Catalog 2002