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Don’t Escape, RETURN

Appreciating the little things is often the gateway to appreciating the BIG things.


Post #WorkHuman: Do Whatever It Takes!

Start NOW, start small, with whatever we have from wherever we are. WHATEVER it takes. 

Video: Are you a giver or a taker?

We need to choose to create environments that incentivize and protect the work that givers do.

5 Reads: Introverts as Disruptors, the Disease of Being Busy, Small Inner Circles and More

Introverts as Disruptors, Change Management, the Disease of Busyness, Bad Leadership and Small Inner Circles!

Bullying, Violence & Harassment: A Conversation with #SHRM18 Speaker Catherine Mattice

“I believe that it’s an employer’s moral and ethical responsibility to create an environment where people thrive.” – Catherine Mattice

#HRBookClub: Year of Yes

No is often the path to comfort and safety, but it isn’t the path to growth.

Music: Dig Down, by Muse

“You must find a way. You will find a way.”

5 Reads: Innovation, Mediocre Friends, Meaningless Meetings and More

The key to innovation, the impact of mediocre friends, avoiding meaningless meetings and more.

Boring Little Miracles

Highly experienced and highly trained professionals doing what they do don’t have to sweat the work that other people dread.

Expand Your World – Follow the #SHRM18 Bloggers!

If you are in HR and want to get a different perspective, these are the people to follow.

Put Some Good Into The World

What you DO makes an impact that reaches far beyond the reality of the effort involved.

Super Bloom

The super bloom gives everyone who wants more human organizations a fighting chance.

I’m In: The Brooklyn Half

What have I gotten myself into??? A challenge worth pursuing!

Video: The Life-Changing Act of Saying Hello

It would be easiest to embrace the anonymity of a job that incentivizes it, but that’s not what William Cromartie chooses to do.

5 Reads: Stop Watching the News, Worker Retraining, Work Family and More

Why you should stop calling your work team family, why people quit, the power of nature and more.