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Ft. Collins Colorado for Change Management Training in October

In mid-October I will be headed to Fort Collins Colorado to get certified in the Prosci Train the Trainer program.

Music: Natural, by Imagine Dragons

I love this song by Imagine Dragons. Only…there’s no such thing as a natural.

Video: Trying to Walk After the 2014 New York City Marathon

If you delight in the suffering of others, you’ll LOVE this video of New York City Marathon finishers struggling their way around the city. Stairs, sidewalks, subways, you name it; it’s all a struggle after 26.2 miles. Admit it. You kind of enjoyed that.

A Cornucopia of Current Events and Workforce Topics

The last few weeks were amazing. I went to New York City to visit family and friends with my sister, a great friend visited from out of town the following weekend, and then this weekend I pulled off my best training run yet en-route to a scheduled half marathon on December 7th! It’s been a […]

This Week: NYC!

I’m headed to New York City with my sister this week to visit family and friends. As of now there is no particular plan in place other than to say that we want to relax, see a handful of “must see sights”, and spend some quality time doing the things that are uniquely appealing to […]

Things I Think About On Long Runs

Running keeps me balanced. When I do it consistently, I eat better, sleep better, have better weekends, and more productive weeks. When I don’t I eat poorly and well, you know the rest. On Saturday I ran 10 miles. It was my longest run in a years, but it was a really good thing. You […]

Video: “Procrastination” – Tales of Mere Existence

“Today I got up early and got ready quickly because I have a lot of stuff to get done…”

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch (An Update on Work)

The last few weeks our department has been going through a bit of a reorg. No, not the “people are getting pink slips” kind of reorg., the kind of proactive reorg that aligns our responsibilities as a team with the changing needs of the organization. I guess “realignment” would have been a better word. Meh. […]

A Quick Update and a Video on Single-Tasking

It’s been a while since I’ve written. In fact, this post marks the first time I’ve written recreationally (because that’s what this blog tends to be) in almost 3 weeks! I don’t have some remarkable reason for it. If I remember correctly, I think I skipped my normal Monday post on Labor Day because it […]

Video: What Moves You?

Running in the summer heat is rough. As luck would have it, there has been a steady stream of motivation coming out of Runner’s World and Competitor Running lately. If I were a betting man I’d say that they are keenly aware that their readership is struggling mightily this time of year and they know exactly […]

On HR Certifications, Encourage Choice!

A LOT has been said about the new SHRM Certifications and the existing HRCI Certifications the last few months. I’ve been hesitant to add my opinion to the mix because I thought that there wasn’t much I could add to the conversation that hadn’t already been covered. As time has passed, I’ve found myself in […]

Running Music: Mind Over Matter by Young The Giant

Somewhere along the way I mentioned that I’m training for a half marathon again. That being said, have I mentioned how unbelievably hot it is outside lately? It’s taking some serious willpower to keep working out in these temperatures. I’ve even taken to doing half of my workouts and runs indoors to escape the ferocity of […]

Happiness, Success, Sleep and Sense of Purpose – 5 Reads on Personal Effectiveness

It’s common sense. We all want to live a life filled with a sense of purpose, to be successful and to be happier. Oh, and getting better sleep along the way goes without saying! So why don’t we get there? Why it that common sense isn’t always common practice?

Video: How to Prevent Your Desk Job From Killing You

Desk jobs. If you’re reading this you probably have one. And if you’re like me, you probably need to be reminded to find ways to alleviate the horrible health consequences of sitting all day. Well here’s your reminder! Check out this video from The Atlantic, and the accompanying article by clicking through below: “Think your […]

MaximusLife and the Work-Life Balance Advantage

Work-life balance – it’s one of our all-time buzzwords. We want it, but never seem to get it. Is it possible that our efforts to keep work and life separate are part of the problem and not part of the solution? For many of us, work-life balance means doing everything possible to prevent a conflict […]